Become a professional blockchain engineer, or your money back.

We're building a world class training program to turn you, an existing software developer, into a professional paid blockchain engineer. You'll learn the in's and out's of blockchain development, from theory to practice, becoming fully proficient with Truffle's entire suite of tools. After you've completed the program, you'll receive an offer from one of our partner companies or your money back!

How it works

1Get on the waitlist

Submit your application to become a Truffle certified blockchain engineer. We'll then build a program around the best applicants, turning them into fully qualified blockchain engineers.

2Get acquainted

If you're chosen, you'll meet and greet with our partner companies, selecting the best employer for you.

3Get trained

Now comes the fun part. Get trained in everything blockchain, from theory, to execution, using the full suite of Truffle tools. You'll end the program capable of building complex decentralized applications, with enough knowledge to focus on your desired area of expertise.

4Get hired

After being fully trained, you'll have the opportunity to join the employers you met at the beginning of the process, starting a new career as a blockchain developer.

What's the catch?

There will be a nominal fee to ensure our students are dedicated to succeed. This fee will be completely refunded if you're not extended an offer from one of our partner companies following completion of the program. You can help set the price by submitting your application now.

Need Engineers? Become a partner.

We are always looking to add new partner companies to our list of employers. If you're interested in hiring certified Truffle engineers that have made it through our rigourous training program, reach out to